Thursday, 5 July 2018

Native Doctor Shot Dead In A Bullet Proof Charm Test

Nigerian self-styled native doctor has been shot dead after ordering his client to pull a trigger at him just to test their proof charms.

Unluckily for Chinaka Adoezuwe aged 26, the bulletproof charms failed after the gun was fired at him.

According to a villager who was there at the time of the incident explained how it happened to the punch newspaper’s journalist.
“A young man had gone to the late Chinaka to prepare bullet-proof charms for him, which the native doctor did, to prove the efficacy of the new charms, he positioned and handed over the gun to his customer. Tragedy struck.”
Nigerian south-eastern Police department in Imo state has started investigations into the incident and has arrested the client who is the main suspect in the killing the native doctor.

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