Thursday, 1 June 2017

Actress Chacha Eke & Hubby Celebrate 4th Wedding Anniversary With Beautiful Family Pics

Actress Chacha Eke and her husband Austin Faani are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary today, June 1st. The couple who tied the knot this day 2013 shared beautiful family photos with their two daughters.
"The Entire Universe Conspired To Help Me Find You..❤💍 #4yearsAnniversary ," she wrote. 
"It's 4yrs today and forever to go. Today I document on the web my odè to you my jewel of inestimable value, The Ezenwaanyi.."" "Friendship they say, is a gift you give to yourself. Thank heavens, i married my friend. Thank you for being an AMAZING WOMAN. I call you a SUPER-SYSTEM-MACHINE because you are a divine assembly of greatness. Keep being and doing good to every life around you. Love is an underestimated word for how i feel around you. Until the end of time you will forever be my always. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US BABY. God bless you #utomdinanwanyi #moregoodtimes #Mr &MrsFaani #greatnessIshere," her husband wrote. 

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