Sunday, 14 May 2017

Some Popular Nollywood Actresses Offer Sex For Movie Roles - Seyi Hunter

Nollywood actress Seyi Hunter, who once declared she was still a virgin and said money was more important to her in a relationship has once again dropped a bombshell. In an interview with  Potpourri, the daring never-say-never actress confirmed that some popular Nollywood actresses offer sex to movie producers just to get movie roles.
Seyi Hunter accused film-makers of being notorious for sleeping with actresses before giving them a movie role saying:

“Film makers like ass-licking and I’ve passed that stage of licking asses, so it’s the job I see that I do. You’ll be surprised the rate at which ladies offer their pussy to get roles, and these are known faces! Acting isn’t paying my bills or feeding me, someone else would have given up but it’s a hobby for me, something I love and enjoy doing, so I’m not going anywhere.

I already made up my mind to improve on my productions and feature in them, plus the jobs I’m getting, I’m sure I’ll be fine”, she said.

According to her, actresses sleeping with movie-makers all to secure a role is characteristic of the Nigerian movie industry rather than a bane.

For her, offering sex to a movie producer to get a role is a big deal which she would never subject herself to because she has paid her dues in the movie industry, therefore she would rather retain her integrity than giving it up for peanuts

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