Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Shocking: Mom Tortures 1yr Old Son By Burning Because His Father Has A New Girlfriend

Jamelle Peterkin, 23, of  Houston, Texas, appeared in court on Monday after she placed a plastic bag over the head of her one-year-old son and burned him before sending the shocking video to the child’s dad.
It’s claimed she allegedly abused the boy because she was upset his father had found a new girlfriend.

In the horrific video, she can be heard saying “tell your daddy” as she held a lighter’s flames to the baby’s hand and hit him.

The baby’s screams that accompany these videos are enough to make anyone cringe and some of the the images are just too graphic to show.

The boy’s aunt reportedly said she also received videos and pictures from Peterkin showing the child being slapped and having a lighter held to his fingers.

Officers said they saw video of the toddler experiencing difficulty breathing as ‘an adult hand was seen stuffing a plastic bag’ into his mouth, Click2Houston reported.

A text message she sent accompanying one ‘abuse’ photo is said to have read: ‘Sad that he pressed to cheat after he just begged me to be his girlfriend.

‘That’s okay. We can keep playing. Let’s see how bad y’all wanna be together.

“When I saw the video, I had to ask the police if he was still alive,” said the baby’s aunt Ra’neicha Broadnax.

“I thought she had killed him.”

The video shocked detectives when they saw it on Facebook

“He was throwing up, his eyes were rolling to the back of the head.”

Within an hour of posting the videos, Broadnax says she got phone calls from local police.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has now accepted charges against Jamelle Peterkin.

According to court documents, she placed the child in imminent danger by “stuffing a plastic bag in the complainant’s mouth and covering the complainant’s head with a plastic bag and tying it in a knot.”

A burn mark on the baby’s hand said to have been caused by a cigarette
Broadnax said the baby is now in the care of relatives in Texas and that he is okay.

Peterkin was released from jail on £12,000 bond and is facing child endangerment charges.

The boy’s aunt said the mum appeared to be angry because the father found a new girlfriend

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