Sunday, 26 March 2017

Mercy Johnson Shares Cute Family Photos, Pens Heartwarming Message To Mark Mothers' Day

In celebration of mothers' day today, Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie took to Instagram to penned heartwarming message of how she sacrificed all for her kids' happiness. According to her;

I carried them in my stomach with lots of discomfort looking bloated yet happy. 
with my long weeve,heels n nails I carry,clean n change them so excitedly. 
I wake up at 3am or anytime to check on them at d sound of a sneeze just to be sure they are fine. 
my heart aches at d thot of leaving them,their laughter and smile makes my life worth it. 
I pray everyday for their sadness,tears,failures and shame to be mine to bear while all my success,happiness,smiles and honour be theirs to enjoy. 
I sacrifice everything happily for them....and lots more. 
it's inexplicable 
Happy Mother's Day to Me and Every Mom.

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