Sunday, 12 March 2017

Grow Up And Stop Misleading Young Ladies — Disgruntled Fan Blasts Tonto Dikeh Over Marital Troubles

A fan who is not happy with the way Tonto Dikeh is handling her ongoing marital issues has publicly lambasted her.
The fan, who goes by @kingnichoo on IG, said the mother of one should have handled whatever issues she's having with her husband in private, rather than washing her dirty linen in public. What she wrote....
The fan

First time I'll verge into Celebrity issues.First of all,Tonto dikeh is a wild actress,most of your movies are erotic and worst sexual scenes,singing rubbish...Getting married to Churchill changed your life,your style,your dress sense,your association and attitude. You became silent and everyone without mentioning respected your privacy,your marriage plans and your pregnancy stages were left hidden(which was mature) but you @tontolet dropped my hand and some other reasonable followers and friends you have by Posting your personal issues here on the social media!You actresses and music ladies still live your private lives like you are still acting!Grow up and e wise.Build a great life and future for your son!do things your son will be proud of when he grows up.Your friends be visiting you and telling you how to react and be telling you what to do in your private life.Y'all don't get me wrong Churchill must be doing some horrible things(things ordinary men that aren't up to his standard )do but a real woman that claims to Love will cover up his weakness and not expose him to the world,when you mock your husband,you have no Value yourself!!!IF HE BEATS YOU,leave the house and KEEP QUIET SMART and MATURE ..and watch him crawl back begging you,not opening your Fat ass mouth on social media just to get more views or more publicity!!!Weren't your parents married?didn't they have issues more than yours?Actresses like you don't have issues in their marriages? Normal women without social media life don't have issues?na only you?na only you Husband Cheat on?Wake up girl and change your circle of decietful friends,friends that advice you wrongly... You smoke and sniff,did your hubby come up here to tell us how u misbehave in the house???Do you cook him food?Are you a wife or just another regret for him? You say he is a fraudster,didn't you know this b4 getting hooked with him?He got you a 2016 Lexus LX570 model for 41million (only E-money has in Nigeria)and a security pick up truck ,Na only you? @tontolet Chill up and stop misleading young ladies here....I detest you as from today on *tssk* Ask @nhn_couture for the magic she uses ....@officiallindaikeji @chinnysblog
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