Thursday, 16 March 2017

Fans Rap Uche maduagwu After He Left Tonto Dikeh To Support Her Alleged Husband's Mistress

After Tonto Dikeh warned him to stop writing about her and her failed marriage, self acclaimed Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu who once claimed to be best of friends with Tonto and even alleged that she told him all about her marital troubles including her husband being gay, has switched camp, as he has moved to declare his support for Rosy, Tonto estranged husband's alleged Mistress.

Speaking of Tonto and her failed marriage, Uche last month said;
A few weeks ago when I blew the whistle on my dear friend/sisters marriage, a lot of people, even my celebrity friends (🀣) too were doubting me and some even said I should face my acting (which is very successful) and stop meddling in other people's matter. Well shame on you all (Uche jumbo) I won't mention anymore names but you know yourselves. This woman is a very close friend aside being a colleague, I know you all are tired hearing about my best friend Tonto but she is a celebrity and I will keep saying it (😴🀐). As I speak right now there is another top celebrity marriage about to crash. Shame on we Nigerians. Our divorce rate is like Americans Hollywood stars. Exchanging sex partners. Within a few days you all will hear the news. I get all the gossip so people are now calling me MR. PARROT but it's ok. I just finished talking with her and consoling her on the phone right now. She is broken and helpless. She mentioned how her husband has slept with her best friend who I won't mention and also she saw evidence in her husbands phone of other nollywood stars he had slept with. Some are even men. I suggest you do your investigation well before you start dating any Nigerian men these days. Be wise, be patient, don't rush God, don't look at your age, he will provide your Prince Charming....(read full post HERE
 Well, the guy has a different opinion now. See what he posted today below....
Wow... Beauty of the day! God bless you dear, you are indeed, the most beautiful, decent , and God fearing nollywood actress in Nigeria.🌞 This diamondπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž in a gentle rough is a fantastic actress, a wonderful daughter of Zion and a role model to thousands of girls in Nigeria. I celebrate you my dear colleague. It doesnt matter what people say about you, my dear, nobody is perfect, so let no one judge her.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ This year, you will win many more awards because of your creativity in acting.🎬🎬 God bless you dear”
Fans have been lambasting him on social media.

**I think this guy is just one jobless and shameless attention seeking dude. Come to think of it, who has ever seen movie he starred in? Yet he claims to be an actor! An actor indeed.

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