Saturday, 18 March 2017

A Reverend Father Gave Me Tithes And Offering For S3x — Cossy Orjiakor

 Busty actress Cossy Orjiakor in a new writeup on social media disclosed how she was molested by a reverend father, back in her university days.The reverend father in question happens to be the uncle of her friend, Oge.
Cossy disclosed that the reverend father had molested her and wanted sex, but she was able to escape him with a fake promise of returning back to lay with him. The priest had allegedly given her the tithe and offering collected for the church’s service that particular day.
She said: “Don't judge A book by its cover.... Story....story ....story... Ok this is a one off... I had a girlfriend in university of Nigeria Enugu campus.. She is very fair and super cute. Her name is Oge....but I can't mention her surname because it is the same with her uncle who is a reverend father.... We went to visit this Reverend father somewhere in Enugu state during the thanks giving day... I ended up not going to church that day thou.
Because I didn't have something very covering to wear.. Well I was by the window looking at the various activities going on in the church premises because the reverend father lives within the church. Then this average dark man entered the room I was in.. And grabbed me from behind...his hand rested on my bosom and he squeezed them.....I have learnt my lesson never to fight off men when they are in need 👶🙈...but to talk my way out peacefully.... Well..... I did a good job...I accepted to come back for the action and he gave me money....the money the type u know...the offering ... tithe paid by a church member.. The way it was squeeze different denomination of cash.. as seen in offering box.
I took the money....I spent it in school but never went back.... For this I will never mention the reverend father name...i told oge about this. She said the Reverend father have girlfriends and even kids.

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