Friday, 10 February 2017

Just Like Mark Zukerberg, Actor Jnr Pope Pictured Helping His Wife In The Kitchen

Last week, we all applauded and poured encomium on Facebook billionaire founder/CEO, Mark Zukerberg after he shared a photo of himself helping his wife in the kitchen, (read HERE)
In the same vain, multi-award winning actor cum producer, Jnr Pope has released a photo of himself helping his wife in the kitchen.

The actor and father of two shared the pic which was taken sometime last year, during his wife's second pregnancy, with the caption;
Before My Wife Gave Birth I Used To Say "A woman should feel no pain except the pain of child birth" After Seeing What She Went Through To Bore Me A Child, I Say " A Woman Should Feel No Pain At All " (God bless you all.....) Assisting My Wife In The Kitchen..... #throwback To When I Started...... @qutejay @swagprincesjayjay #swagnation #familyiseverything #datnsukkaboy 💯💯💯💯

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