Tuesday, 24 January 2017

We Almost Lost Her At 8-months - Seyi Law Reveals Some Of The Secret Battles Him And His Wife Fought To Keep Their Baby Alive!

Ace comedian Seyi Law has revealed it wasn't an easy battle keeping their daughter's pregnancy for nine-months before birthing her a few months ago.
The couple welcomed their daughter a few months ago, after five years of marriage and one miscarriage.

In his latest Instagram post, the father of one, revealed they almost lost the pregnancy at 8-months but for the divine grace of God. He also said that they spent over N10millon on her delivery. What he wrote...
To my dearest wife, I might be silly and puffed, but I will never forget. I will never forget your sorrow, tears and strength. The strongest of women are sometimes the weakest in the hands of men, especially the men they love. The pains and emotions of love are more than enough to throw you off balance. I have decided that no matter how masculine I am, I will let you reign in the right places for the pains you bore for me. The scars that are visible and invisible. Do you know people wonder why I flaunt our God's gift Tiwaloluwa? Maybe, because they are ignorant of our testimonies. I would have loved to share them all, but the space here will be too small. How do I tell people we almost lost her at eight (8) months? The issue that got you stuck to the hospital bed for almost a month with a monitoring machine strapped to your protruding belly. Can I ever forget the number of injections you took without me being able to hold your hands to help you ease the pains and the doctors scary words? Will people ever know the journey that took you to the theatre with Fifteen (15) doctors on you alone, denying your family room to witness the birth of God's miracle? Don't let me even mention the hospital bills, because all these Oyinbo no dey gree send their own once. Thank God for his miracle and Mrs. Abosede Holloway (Mummy Yetunde), Olori B of Baltimore. Story for another day. Any child wey dem take over N10million born, no be ordinary pikin na ISSUE in capital letters. Our testimonies are numerous, but our God is one, yes ONE big GOD. If I don't celebrate you who will? Thank you for everytime, I have forgotten to say it. Thank you for all the times, I will never be there to say it. You are more than a JEWEL OF INESTIMABLE VALUE rather you are the SPECIAL EFFECT that makes the JEWEL OF INESTIMABLE VALUE. I love You NOW and ALWAYS. SEYILAW.

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