Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Terry G Finally Gains Entry Into America After Several Years Of VISA Denials | Photos

Eccentric music artiste, Terry G has traveled far and wide, and he has probably even lost count of countries he’s been to.
Over the last decade, the Akpako master as he fondly calls himself, has enjoyed remarkable success in the industry that has consequently resulted in him enjoying a relative measure of international recognition on the continent and even in far Europe.

Successive tours in Asia, Switzerland, the UK and so much more are testaments to this claim. But for those who are quite observant, Terry G has one major Achilles heel when it comes to traveling outside Nigeria and it is the United States Of America.

The artiste has reportedly being denied VISA by the embassy several times of the last few years.

But it looks like that duck has been broken and he has finally gotten to heave a sigh of relief on finally setting foot on US soil.

He got his VISA in time to witness Donald trump’s inauguration which is in 10 days.

Reports also have it that he’s majorly in the States to finally have his first ever US Tour where he’s billed to perform in some states over the length of some days

Source: MojidelanoBlog

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