Thursday, 26 January 2017

‘If I Die, I’m Going Straight To Hell’ – Brymo Comes Under Serious Backlash For Far-reaching Tweet

Soft rock artiste, Brymo whose real name is Olawale Ashimi has come under criticisms for his latest twitter goof which some fans purports to reek of suicidal tendencies.
The singer took to Twitter and made shocking tweet which has since gone viral and has many people left with more questions than answers about the singer’s possibly receding mentality and health.
“When I die, I am going straight to hell, it’s where all the good people go,” the 30-year-old had tweeted. 
 While some found it funny and some suggested it was a ‘trending-mechanism,’ a few others are insisting that the tweet is deeper than its literal meaning.

Many folks on social media who jumped in on the comment section interpreted the tweet figuratively.

According to other fans, the rationale behind Brymo’s post ranges from depression and suicidal thought, to the side effect of Ogbomosho weed among others.

They have not hesitated to call the Alajo Somolu crooner names.

Source; MojidelanoBlog

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