Thursday, 26 January 2017

“I Could Have Been A Sex Worker Living In The Slums But....” — Singer Waje

Delectable songstress, Waje who is one of the sparse shining female artistes Nigeria can proudly boast of has definitely come a long way in her career. And like everyone who has gone on to be successful in their chosen endeavors and careers, Waje has had to deal with her own demons and harrowing experiences that has helped made her into the woman she is today.

The award-winning singer, took a trip down memory lane today as she shared a heartwarming story of how her life was transformed overnight. Waje said she would have ended up as a prostitute living in the slum with no hope of tomorrow and waiting to be killed by the next sexually transmitted disease, STD, she would have contracted as a result of exchanging her body for money.

The singer whose life has motivated a lot of young Nigerians was so excited and grateful that she has become an award winning vocalist cum song writer and has used her songs to reach out to a lot of people within and outside the music industry.

She took to her Instagram page to recount her life experience while sharing her #freedom story. #freedomstory is a hashtag created by freedom foundation in a bid to transform lives in various communities. She shared two different pictures of what she could have been and what she eventually turned out to be. One she was a commercial sex worker with no hope for the future but she seized the opportunity given to her and now she is an award winning singer who gives voice to several people.
“I could have been that commercial sex worker with no hope for the future, living in the slum and wondering if the next STD I contract would end my life. But because of the opportunity given to me, I have become an award winning vocalist and songwriter and a voice for generations, leaving an indelible mark in the music industry and my country. This is #MyFreedomStory . Together we can transform more lives in our communities,” she wrote

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