Monday, 5 December 2016

Don Jazzy Replies Fan Who Dubbed Korede Bello as His Worst Investment

Don Jazzy has garnered quite a reputation for himself on twitter over his ability to always dish out epic replies to occasional fan musings and onslaught.
The reluctance of fans to mention him in shady tweets at times is a testament to his prowess. He didn’t fall short of his reputation on this particular occasion as a twitter user tweeted at him, dubbing Korede Bello as the musical guru’s worst investment yet.

Korede Bello’s inability to record another ‘hit song’ following the huge success that his Godwin track enjoyed must have irked and triggered the fan’s statement.

However, the twitter user who is obviously a fan of Don Jazzy would be left with nothing but a smile on his face after he read Don Jazzy’s reply to his tweet.

The ace producer reply is one of epic proportions, cleverly turning a tense tweet around on the fan.

Here’s the tweet and the reply

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