Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Dabota Lawson Finds Love Again, Barely A Year After Dumping Billionaire Hubby

Earlier this year, ex-beauty Queen, Dabota Lawson walked out of her marriage to Billionaire Sunny Aku, after about just one year.

The entrepreneur who welcomed a baby girl in October 2016, has stylishly revealed she has found love again.
In her latest Instagram post, Dabota hailed her new man for helping her stay off social media scandal, as well as helping her in achieving so much this past one year. Looks like they have been together for a while now. What she wrote below;
"We made it baby girl ,we did good this year . We started a new family , went through pregnancy like it was nothing, got that big ol house we always wanted, added a new car , business been steady growing , we traveled . Girl ,you invested in yourself, you put all your energy into your goals and dreams ,instead of temporary people and things . Every member of your family and your real friends are alive and well . 
God really smiled on you this year . Remember baby said in two years you'll be thankful because He's going to change your world and teach you new things in a way you've never experienced before ?. Well look at you now . Just a year later ..Without being a social media nuisance ( credit to baby😜) . it's amazing what you can do and get when you QUIETLY , CLEARLY and AUTHORITATIVELY DEMAND it. when you don't concern yourself with what everybody else is doing. 
No matter what you've been through , no matter what anyone says about you, no matter what you've done, If you make a firm decision to change your world with the help of God , someone will recognize the power in your existence and never want to let it go .
Do it for you, because in the end the only person who is going to be down for you is you. ... #ToughWorld #protectyourhappiness #OnlyAsillyIndividualWillStillTryToTwistMyWordsAndSuckTheJoyOutOfMyPost #GodAboveAll #StilliCelebrateMyself #JoyLikeARiverFlowing #2017loading #ImReady"

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