Saturday, 26 November 2016

All You Need To Know About LG G Pro Smartphone — Must Read!

Now that it seems that smartphone screens are getting larger every year, it takes a lot of effort for a new model to succeed in the already fiercely competitive market. Luckily, LG has the experience and finesse to take all of its smartphones to the top of their segment, which is exactly what happened to LG G Pro. This hit model was released in 2014 as a competitor to the popular Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone, but has quickly gained respect as an independent model.

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One of the first things that catches your attention with the G Pro is how thin it is. The sleek and lightweight body gives the model lots of visual appeal. The smartphone is encased in high quality black plastic with fishnet pattern in the back and a metallic strip on the sides of the phone. On the edges of the LG G Pro you will find the usual ports, including the 3.5mm jack and the micro-USB.
If you love smartphones with large screens, you’re guaranteed to enjoy using the G Pro thanks to its 5.5-inch screen with full-HD support. The high resolution and the 16:9 ratio are perfect for playing games, watching movies, and even using various office apps. The screen is notably bright and responsive, while the wide viewing angle allows for a comfortable use both in the outdoor and indoor settings.
The LG G Pro includes 2GB of RAM and runs on Android Jelly Bean, which means you will find all of the standard apps, like Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, and other Google applications, pre-installed on your device. With this version of Android you can also use Google Now, a digital assistant that is perfect for search. Moreover, there is an office app package and a file sharing solution. If you’ve used LG smartphones before, you will be happy to learn that the G Pro has the familiar QuickMemo feature, which allows you to take notes and doodles without interrupting whatever is on your screen at the moment.
Although LG G Pro isn’t marketed as a smartphone for photo enthusiasts, its outstanding camera characteristics will let you take flawless pictures with a single click. The back 13MP camera has a 15x digital zoom, shoots in four photo sizes, is equipped with a flash, and comes with a whole range of filters and presets for the most demanding users. The front camera has 2.1MP and a special feature called “beauty shot”, which is ideal for selfies.

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