Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Harrysong Calls Out Obsessed Fan Who Vows To Kill Him If He Does Not Sleep With Her

Some women are shameless! An obsessed female fan has taken her love for Harrysong to another level, as she has vowed to kill him if he does not sleep with her.

The Five Star music artist took to Instagram to call out the lady who he says has been pestering him for the past month.

The horny woman, whose picture Harry posted on Instagram first came across as a fan, but turned out to be a psycho of some sort after she started threatening Harry over his refusal of her advances.
The Better Pickin crooner wrote; “This has been going on for like a month now.. there’s a Lady I thought was a fan. . She started with all the compliments ,appreciating my music and brand.. then progressed to saying she’s in love with me..then progressed to request for sex..and now she’s even threatening to kill me if she don’t ve me on her you all know am in America currently doing my tour..people around my estate also sent messages to me now,saying there’s a lady looking for my house address,desperately saying she will pay anything..that she’s in love with me. Her instergram handle is @missongz wat I don’t understand here is,is this still a fan love?”
See screenshot of their convo below...
What do you think guys?

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