Thursday, 1 September 2016

Why I Am Still Single At 40 — Ruggedman

Foremost Nigerian rap artist, Ruggedman has opened up on why he is still single at age 40. In a recent chat with TVC Entertainment, the Religion crooner said;
“Marriage will happen when it will happen. Marriage is not a fashion statement that everybody wants to join the trend. You don’t get married because people are getting married or get married because people asked you to do so, you get married when you are very ready to get married. I keep saying parents should not force their children to get married because it’s part of what causes domestic violence in homes of nowadays.”
He also said he does not agree with Flavour's statement about marriage slowing down the progress of artistes.

He said, “That’s Flavour not Ruggedman. I don’t know about that one, but I know I’ll get married when the right time comes. 
“If you do things right, marriage won’t b a barrier to your music or whatever you are doing. I will not lie to you, I know a lot of artistes that got married and it slowed down their career so much. But there are those who got married and are still doing their thing. It’s all left to you and how you manage your marriage and career. I’ll always advise that one should marry his or her best friend; it helps a lot.”

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