Friday, 23 September 2016

OMG! Man Allegedly Murders Pregnant Wife, Buries Her In Coal Field | GRAPHIC photosphotos

I can never for the life of me understand why some people feel comfortable doing evil. It's absolutely mind bogging.
According to a facebook user who shared the story,  the young man pictured above identified as Tetchi Wyllifred allegedly killed his pregnant wife and buried her body in a coal field in Agboville, Ivory Coast.
“Here is this young man who is the author of that heinous crime has agboville. Did he kill his own wife with whom he had 1 child and who was still pregnant with him. He has killed and buried in an oven of coal in the field. It is presentement has research. His name is tetchi wyllifred. Please contact the police whatever the place where you will see”
 See the graphic photos after the cut.....

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