Wednesday, 3 August 2016

What Public Apology? OAP Freeze Throws Shades At Basketmouth

There is no love lost between Comedian Basketmouth and OAP Freeze. Despite the latter's recent public apology to the former, the hatchet between the two is anything but buried.
Barely two weeks after he went on an apology spree, and tendered a public apology to Basketmouth among others, Daddy Freeze as he is also called, has thrown yet another shade at the comedian.....

Yesterday, Basketmouth shared an image of a Rolex watch said to be worth N23million on his instagram page and said before he can spend that much on a wristwatch, it will have to do among other things, tell him when Jesus is coming back.
Freeze who is known to be a lover and owner of expensive wristwatches, took to his page a few hours ago to post what seem like an alluding to Basketmouth's post. In the post, freeze who shared a photo of his own Rolex said, "I just love the way this feels on my wrist, one of my favorite watches. It's so heavy because platinum is a very heavy metal." Adding, "My watches tell me the time, that's all that matters. If you want to know when Jesus is coming I'm sorry Rolex can't help you, maybe giving your life to Christ can. Jesus could also help you get rid of bitterness and malice...... 🙏"

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