Saturday, 13 August 2016

I Once Got Aroused While Kissing On Set – OC Ukeje

OC Ukeje is one of the actors in Nollywood who try as much as possible to put life in every character he plays.
In some of the movies, the actor has had to kiss some of his colleagues because it was part of the script.

Even though it’s all an act, OC confessed the scene actually affected him and, he became aroused while kissing the actress on the set. What he said after the cut...
“It has happened to me before that I was moved when acting a romantic scene but when it happened, I was involved with the actor in real life. I cannot speak for other films I am going to do later. You can find a girl super attractive and when you guys are kissing, blood starts flowing south ward. But I generally just try to remember that it is a job and I do what I have to do and leave the place. Fortunately it has worked for me so far apart from the one time that it happened.”

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