Thursday, 25 August 2016

Cosmetic Company Accuses Dabota Lawson Of Theft, Threatens Lawsuit

A cosmetic company, Natural Dermis has accused and threatened lawsuit against Dabota Lawson for allegedly ripping off their face cream entire product packaging, bottle, font (style size & placement) & even box labels for her Dabota Cosmetics skin lightening cream.

Natural Dermis claims the ex-beauty Queen turned entrepreneur also copied the large descriptive word of the product in handwriting, the glass encased bottle, the silver pump, the English then french description beneath it.

According to the reports, the company and its representive feel cheated and robbed of their original bottle design by Dabota Cosmetics and decided to go public with their accusations. The report also adds that the company will file lawsuit against Dabota and her company in no distance time.

Below are photos of the very obvious matching bottles with matching handwriting.

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