Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Burnaboy Vindicated As Fan Exposes Uju Stella As A Pathetic Liar Who Was Never Pregnant

When singer Burnaboy came out to deny the enormous accusations heaped on him by his one-night-stand Uju Stella, who claimed he impregnated and jettisoned her, not many believed him.
Recalled that Uju gained media attention after she called out Burnaboy back in May for allegedly impregnating and abandoning her.

Well, like the adage that says, there is nothing hidding under the sun, Uju Stella who we all thought was the victim, has now been exposed to be the villain, who was trying to ride on the singer by claiming false pregnancy. Please continue...

A fan who followed the drama that played out between Burnaboy and Uju over the alleged pregnancy spotted the supportedly pregnant Uju in Lekki recently, but there was no sign of baby bump, which confirms Burnaboy's earlier claim that Uju was never pregnant.

The lady took to Burnaboy to inform him of her observation....

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