Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Be Inspired! 17yr Old Nigerian Girl Gets Offers In 13 World Universities

In a country where standard of education has become totally appalling, 17-year-old Nigerian girl named Serena Omo-Lamai (pictured) has proven there are still formidable intellects around. Omo who completed her secondary school education at a College in Lekki last year, she has been granted admission into 13 world universities located in the US and Canada....

But Omo-Lamai opted for a US university, Syracuse University, because they offered her $51,000 scholarship.

Other universities where she was offered admission include Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, New York University, among others. She intends to study Bio-Medical Engineering.

Speaking in a telephone interview with newsmen on Monday, Omo-Lamai said she settled for Syracuse University because of the institution’s world-class research laboratory and a $51,000 scholarship offer.

The teenager, who aspires to be a medical engineer, disclosed that she would study medicine as a second degree.
 “I feel very honoured and I feel it is an opportunity to work harder. I know that I have to justify the offer. I chose Syracuse University because it has a very good research lab and the offer came with $51,000 scholarship. I have always loved Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography. 
“My hope is to study medicine for a second degree, but I would love to be a medical engineer. Most of the medical equipment in the country are imported and I would like a situation where medical equipment is manufactured here in Nigeria. 
“My parents are my role models, but I am also inspired by anyone who is hard working, anyone who puts so much efforts into what they do,” she said.
Serena Omo-Lamai is not the first of Nigerian teenagers to achieve an educational feat of such magnitude, it would be recalled that High school senior Harold Ekeh didn’t just get into one Ivy League university. He was accepted into all eight.

Ekeh got into all 13 schools he applied to, including MIT and Johns Hopkins. “I am leaning toward Yale,” he told CNNMoney.

“I competed at Yale for Model UN, and I like the passion people at Yale had.”

Some of the Yale students he met became his friends and mentors, offering advice on the college application process.

Now Ekeh is trying to do the same thing. Ekeh, 17, founded a college mentoring program at his school, Elmont Memorial High School on Long Island in the New York city suburbs. His goal is to get more students into top universities.

The Nigeria born teenager came to the United states when he was eight. He wrote his main college essay about the struggle to adjust, including being clueless in US history classes at school. He said he would ask his parents repeatedly why they moved.

You go girl, this is something to crow about.

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