Sunday, 21 August 2016

Actress Amanda Ebeye Scotches Pregnancy Rumours, Says “I'm In Canada And Not Hiding”

Nollywood actress Amanda Ebeye, has cleared the air on the wildly trending rumour circulated by an online platform that she’s pregnant for one Bello Bina and hiding out in Ghana from the Nigerian prying public.
The former Etisalat Ambassador who chatted with Potpourri through the Blackberry Messenger said there was no truth whatsoever in the story and stated emphatically that she had nothing to do with any Bello Bina
“I don’t have anything to do with any Bello Bina” she said. “And I would never have anything to do with him. People should stop roping me with him. I am not hiding out in Ghana. I am in Canada, which is like my second home as I am also a citizen of Canada. I’m studying. I am not under any pressure to get married and I’m not ready to get married. When I am, everyone would be invited,” she declares

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