Saturday, 23 July 2016

What's Going On Between Ruth Kadiri And Alexx Ekubo?

Two days ago, Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo penned an open letter to his future wife here...and we just discovered that his colleague, Ruth Kadiri also penned an open letter to her future husband. And the thing is, the two letters are the same!
Ruth actually culled hers from Alexx and although I think it's no big deal, some fans are of the opinion that there is more to it than meet the eyes. Maybe they are working together on a new project? Or maybe, Ruth find his letter appearing and decided to cull it? Or could there be something more? Well, whatever it is, we will be waiting and watching...

Click Here for Alexx Ekubo's open letter

Ruth's letter reads;
"To Whom it may Concern; 
Dear Future husband, 
I'm writing you this letter, from the deepest part of my Heart, the part that is reserved for Joh-loff Rice & goat meat, so pls feel special. Consider this a pointer or heads-up & act accordingly.
1. You MUST love our Lord Jesus Christ, with all sincerity, in deeds & in purpose.#JesusIsBae

2. i'm filled with Simple Complexities & Complex Simplicities... #DealOrNoDeal ?

3. I'm NOT here to pay for your Ex's mistake, i was not there when you both were "doing" so pls don't punish me. #InnocentMe

4. I'm a huge kisser, key word HUGE. 😘

5. Pls forgive me for all i'll say when i'm angry my anger really doesnt last.🍲😍 6. I love play i don't take myself too serious, you shouldn't too (nobody cares) there are more important things going on in the World.

7. Hope you love to travel, because ill love u to take pictures while i sleep in flights. ✈️✈️✈️

8. Pls be handsome and inteligent, i take God beg you, because goodlooksfades, but an intelligent hubby is forever. 👩🏽

 9. Pls pls pls pls come with factory fitted sense of humor. (Nothing is that serious)

10. Lastly, you must acknowledge the Ruth Kadiri Husband Association Worldwide (R.K.H.A) they'v been my support structure holding me down all the while you were forming "Baddest guy fever liveth" they were here voting & encouraging my ministry, don't come & put sand-sand in their garri. 😕

Hope with these few points of mine i've been able to convince you & not confuse you. See you at the Altar 💍👫 curld from @alexxekubo"

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