Monday, 25 July 2016

TGNB Abortion Series 12: "I Paid Six Times For An Abortion That Never Happened!"

To all the ladies extorting money from their man under the false pretense of 'I am pregnant and I want to have an abortion' I hope you know that Karma is a bitch.
"I feel noting but rage whenever I think of the things my ex put me through. If not for a sweet mother and a beautiful sister I would have hold women in total disdain because of what she did to me.
We were together for two years and in those two years, I gave her ridiculous amount of money specifically for abortion on six different occasions. The thing is, she was NEVER pregnant. She just kept lying and collecting money from me.
Few months after we met, I was home one evening, when she called to say that there was something she needed to discuss with me and it's urgent. She told me to meet her up somewhere, which I did. On getting there, I found her looking nothing like her usual self. She was somber. She said she was bordered because she had just confirmed she was pregnant.

She said if her parents find out about it she would be doomed. That they will literally skin her alive. She was 23 at that time and living with her parents.

I tried all I could to assuage her fears. Told her she was not alone. That whatever happens I would be there by her side. I really loved her and seeing her in that mood tore my heart into a million pieces.
She said all she wanted was money to abort it as soon as possible before anyone even have the slightest hint of suspicion. She didn't even leave me with any option. I just had to hustle for the money--which was ridiculously expensive compared to what I have heard my friends say they spent on their ladies' abortions. But what do I care? I loved her and cared so much about her well being. Besides, she told me she needed that much because she is meeting a pro who gave her 100 percent guarantee that nothing would go wrong. And she sounded really cogent.
And so it went. Few months after, she came with the same story and collected almost the same amount, only that this time it was more.

I know I was nothing close to a perfect lover. But I loved and cared for her. I was working in a private firm, and I practically spent more than one third of my salaries on her. Not because she demanded, but because I thought it was the least I could do. Yet she wasn't satisfied, she kept devising various means to collect money from me -- and abortion was her best resort.
She kept getting pregnant and I kept paying for abortions - until I was almost drilled.
On what was supposed to be the seventh abortion, I got fed up and told her, we were keeping it. She said that was never going to happen. That her parents will never allow it. I fired back at her, told her why does she keep getting pregnant than? She insulted me, told me I was the one who couldn't keep my hands off her. That I can't even control my manhood.

I sworn we were going to keep it but thought better of it. So after a few days, I called her to come get the money the next day. But that morning I had an urgent call from one of my bosses, and I left the house before she could get there.

On my way back, I decided to go over to her place to give her the money. Since it was in the afternoon and I know her parents would not be home. I was barely a feet a way when I overheard her chatting with one of her friends in her backyard. Out of curiosity, I decided to eavesdrop on their conversation. That was when I knew I had been such a big fool.
She was busy telling her friend, what she planned to use the money for. Whilst her friend was telling her to be careful least I suspect she had been lying all along.

I was furious and I berated myself everyday for falling for her cheap lies. How come I never suspected that she was lying?

I was always working, so offering to go with her for one of those abortions she claimed she had was out of the question, and I guess she knew this, and planned her game well.

I feel used. And to think I had good intentions towards her. For a moment, I thought I had met the one. Till I discovered I was nothing but her maga.

**I remember, I once played a pregnancy plank on my boyfriend, but his reaction opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn't know, or knew but overlooked. I jilted him and never looked back. I think I should do a post on it....

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