Thursday, 28 July 2016

Nollywood Actor Hospitalized After Badly Burned On Set In Fire Stunt Gone Wrong | GRAPHIC Photos

An up and coming Nollywood actor is currently battling to save his life after sustaining major degree burnt on a movie set.

Ani Iyoho was supposed to play a fire stunt on set when thing went wrong, leaving him severely injured.

Meanwhile, the said movie director named Stanlee has been accused of filming Ani while he was up in flames with the sole intention to include the real fire scene in the movie.

According to an actor on set with Ani, while the actor was burning, the fire extinguisher on set did not work and Stanlee allegedly shocked everyone by continuing filming with the intention of adding the real fire incident to the film.

Ani, as we write has been hospitalized, with his colleagues running around to raise money for him.

All efforts to reach Stanlee has proved abortive, and the producers of the movie Kelechi Udegbe and Ugochukwu Azikiwe have allegedly been on the run.

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