Saturday, 16 July 2016

Nigerian Lady Slams Daily Mail For Including Her Among Victims Of The Bastille Day Attack In Nice | Photos

A pretty Nigerian lady, Adamara Ajuzie (pictured below)
has called out UK’s Daily Mail for including her photo among the picture collage of the people who went missing during the Bastille Day attack in Nice, France, where at least 84 people died.
Ajuzie took to instagram to slammed the international news site, stating that her attention was called to the Daily Mail post of July 14 by friends and family members.....

“I woke up this morning to this fake news with my photo among the missing people in Bastille attack,” the Nigeria-based lady said, adding, “People have been calling and wailing and sympathizing with my family!!! This isn’t funny, get your sources and facts right before making it public.” 
“My covenant with God is that I leave this earth at 100years old and I cannot die by accident or any tragic incident So please stop wishing me death!” She passionately added.
What Ajuzie posted below....
Daily Mail culled their photos from posts made on social media by family and friends who said their loved ones were around the scene of the attack and hadn’t been found as at the time of publication on July 14.

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