Sunday, 31 July 2016

Meet R. Kelly's Alleged 19yr Old Lover | Photos

R. Kelly is reportedly in a sizzling romance with a 19-year-old Instagram model named Halle. According to Mediatakeout, the R&B king has fallen head over heels for the girl, and is trying to marry her.
The American blog published photos of the alleged couple, each holding the other in a close embrace(above). There is also another photo of them sitting rather cozily in the VIP section of an unnamed club, (see below) ...

They report that, she first met R. Kelly while attending his concert in North Carolina. Halle was there with her mother. Halle recently attended Kelly’s concert in Atlanta, and afterwards – she was spotted with him in the VIP.

The duo are yet to speak up on the alleged relationship.

Meanwhile, it would be recalled that in his January interview with GQ, R Kelly admitted to being in love with Aaliyah, but refused to admit if he really got married to the then-15-year-old singer Aaliyah – a rumoured scandal that forever hangs like a dark cloud, over the ‘Ignition’ singer’s head.
“Out of respect for her mother who is sick and her father who’s passed, I will never have that conversation with anyone,” he had told GQ.
Wikipedia lists Aaliyah as his wife.
Kelly also said in that same GQ interview that he was sexually abused by relatives as a child up till when he was a teenager, but he forgives them. He added that he however feels that sexual offences is his family’s generational curse, passed down from generation to generation.

However, when asked about his own sexual offences, the most notable being the accusation that would have put him behind bars for 15 years — the alleged sex video he made with a girl of 14, he called it ‘nonsense’

As regards what he thinks about all the women who accused him of sleeping with them when they were underage, he said “All of them. And it wasn’t many. It wasn’t like a whole ton of people. But the people that did were absolutely lying. Absolutely.”

“I’ve been treated unfair. Yes. I’m not, you know, this innocent guy with a halo over his head. No, I love women. Do I like to sleep with underage girls? Absolutely not,” he said.

See the whole interview here.

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