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How To Tell If Your Favorite Celeb's Twitter Account Is Legit...

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Illegitimate accounts are unfortunately common online, which is why I am glad Top Gist Nigeria Blog has decided to share this article to help out their readers. As you may have already noticed, Top Gist Nigeria Blog is a great resource for celebrity news and information. On the topic of Twitter and celebrities, check out this Twitter feud between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa.

With over 9 million users, it comes as no surprise that Twitter is a popular choice for fans who want to stay updated on news from their favorite celebrities. Unlike a news website though, Twitter gives fans the opportunity to not only follow posts from celebs, but also send them messages or “tweets.” But with so many users on the site, can you really trust that you’re following the right page?

The truth is that it’s not uncommon for people to create fake social media accounts, and some of these fake accounts are often used by individuals who are posing as celebrities. Some may do this only for attention, but others could be trying to trick you into downloading malware or sending them your personal information (such as your address, telephone number, passwords, etc.).

Luckily, there are some simple ways to identify whether or not you’re viewing the page of one of your favorite celebrities or an imposter. But before you begin putting these tips to use, consider securing your computer with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to stay safe while browsing the internet. While searching for the social media pages of celebrities, you could still find yourself on a fake website that could compromise your device.

A VPN will allow you to avoid malware and keep your internet connection secured with encryption, as well as protect your identity so you can avoid running into issues on the web. It can also unblock websites, which can be helpful if you are for some reason unable to access a web page during your search. If you’d like to know more about VPN service, I recommend you take a look at this VPN review by Secure Thoughts.

With your device secured and most of the risks aside, you can easily find out if your favorite celebrities’ Twitter account is legitimate by putting the following tips to use.

Search for the Celebrities’ Website
Some celebs have their own websites where you can often find links to their social media pages. Many of these sites can be found by typing the name of the celebrity you’re looking for into a search engine like Google or Bing. Use some caution though, as sometimes you may come across some illegitimate websites.
Look for subtle hints to determine whether or not the website is legitimate, such as grammatical errors, lots of advertisements, lack of relevant information and an overall poor quality site. Legitimate websites of celebrities will often contain details about their career (such as a biography and filmography when relevant), and they tend to have high-quality graphics and photos. Some websites will also mention whether or not they are official or unofficial (fan made).

If you’re having trouble finding an official website for the celebrity you’re looking for, head to Twitter for your search.

Check for a Verification Badge
Twitter now verifies accounts when it feels it's necessary. The verification badge is often reserved for celebrities and brands to help users avoid following fake profiles. Appearing right next to the name of the person or brand will be a small blue badge with a white checkmark in the center of it.
If the symbol is not present, the account is likely to be fake. Keep in mind though that some celebrities do not yet have their accounts verified, and the symbol may not be present even when their page is legitimate. Whenever the verification badge is not present on the Twitter page, it might be a good idea to check the celebrity’s website or even look for a verified account of theirs on Facebook.

By first checking for the verification badge, you may be able to avoid visiting potentially illegitimate websites, so in some instances, it could be a wise choice to look for the badge on social media pages before you do anything else.

In most cases, your favorite celebrity’s account should already be verified, but since some are not, it may also be a good idea to keep in mind that celebrities aren’t likely to ask you for your personal information (such as bank account info, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, etc.) or request that you download anything.

The Risk of Illegitimate Accounts
Some imposters posing as celebrities online may be trying to manipulate you into donating money or handing out information that could lead to identity theft. This is the unfortunate risk of following illegitimate accounts and although social media websites have been trying to shut down risky pages, remember to keep an eye out for anything suspicious when you’re simply trying to follow some of your favorite celebrities’ Twitter accounts.
Perhaps some of the tweets on the account may not make sense, seem out of character for the star, or simply don't add up. This can sometimes be a sign that you’re not following the correct account. Also, keep an eye out for any other suspicious activities, such as linking to a lot of different websites or eye-catching articles about news that hasn't been reported on any reputable celebrity news sites.

Overall, the only guarantee you have that the Twitter account you’re following is legitimate is when the verification badge is present. But even then, celebrities aren’t immune to cyberattacks and can sometimes have their accounts hacked. Use your own discretion when visiting anybody’s social media page and learn more about internet security; by doing so, you shouldn’t run into any problems on the net regardless of whether or not you’ve reached the right page!

Have you encountered a fake Twitter account before? How did you realize it was fake? Let us know in the comments section below....

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