Friday, 15 July 2016

Hot Coded Gist!!!

Baby on the way......
A popular Nollywood actress is on her way to expanding her family, as she and her husband are pregnant... again. I hear whispers that the actress is glowing with her now visible baby bump, as she is said to be in her second trimester.

It is whispered that the dark skinned thespian is keeping her pregnancy under wraps for now, and has gone ahead to stroke out social gathers and public appearances. Even her social media activities has drastically reduced.

Rumour mongers with tie to the family, whispers to Top Gist Nigeria Blog that the expectant parents are really excited about getting pregnant again and can't wait to behold their little one.

The couple who got married a few years ago, is knee bent on concealing their pregnancy for now, and has issued a sound warning to all known friends and family to keep it secret...but I guest not everyone can keep a secret, right?

Well, If you can decode the gist...good for you, but if you can't, don't worry, I will as soon as I get the green light...and when I do, I sure will refer y'all back to this post.:-)

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