Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Drama As Toyin Lawani And Baby Daddy Come For Each Other On IG...

Toyin Lawani and her much younger lover and baby-daddy, Lord Trigg are going through a messy breakup and somehow they are playing it out on Instagram.
The couple, or should I say ex-couple, have been experiencing a very stormy relationship since last December....

Trouble started when Lord Trigg (real name Kensington Womadi) announced the birth of his second child. “Waited on the low all these while. Welcome to d world sexy,” he said, and added, “#blessed #2 #Godlovesme #lordmaine’s Sis.” Not long after, he was flooded with backlash from fans and the aspiring rapper deleted the photo of the newborn.

Ever since then, Lawani and Lord Trigg, who previously had a publicised relationship, no longer shared memories together. On Instagram, the designer and stylist deleted all his photos from her page, leaving no trace of him on the social media site.

All the while, they managed to keep whatever issues they were having off public radar, until few days ago when Lord Trigg decided to play it out on instagram. He took to his page to indirectly shade the mother of his two-year-old son, Toyin.

He uploaded a pic of Kylie Jenner which a tag saying, 'young girl rock'.

Fans that saw this to be a direct shade to his baby mama attacked him immediately, calling him out for his use of words.

Toyin than took to her page to subtlely send a note of warning to him
She wrote: 'never break the pot that once gave you water. Never bite the hand that once fed you. Never despise the home that once gave you shelter. Never punch hole in the umbrella that once gave you cover. Never insult the breasts that once gave you pleasure, and never Malign the church that once gave you fire. If for now you have outgrown their usefulness, leave them intact and go quietly and honorably. For it might be the time and season of breakthrough for others also, so be careful how you close a door. Never ever bang it, you may need to walk through that same door tomorrow.'
But rather than let it fly, Lord Trigg fired back at her saying, "AM NOT 24 lol.. That story sh** gat dem adding some years to my age still..... anyways shit dont mater.. B**chMadeMeFeelOld"

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