Saturday, 2 July 2016

Beautiful Photos Of 54yr Old Grandpa Who Set The Internet Into Frenzy With His Toned Body

A suave Texas educator has proved that some people, like fine wine, get better with age. Irvin Randle has become an overnight celebrity after pictures of him were posted online. The 54-year-old dapper silver fox sent the internet into a frenzy with his toned features, well-maintained beard and flair for fashion.

The viral picture collage of the well turned out southern man showed him an an array of ensembles which included ripped skinny jeans, V-neck T-shirts, caps and trainers. He has since been dubbed '#MrStealYourGrandma".
Women across the globe have since taken to social media in their droves to ogle the distinguished gentleman. While the men didn't relent in expressing their admiration, suggesting that he must be drinking from his very own fountain of youth.

Speaking on overnight fame, he said he found out about the viral post through friends and his daughter, who lives in Los Angeles.
"She called and said, 'Dad, you're trending on Twitter.' I told her I'm not on Twitter, and I don't know what 'trending' means," Randle said.
A friend from Nigeria also called to tell him he's trending there.
"He said my photos had 7 million likes. I was amazed at first. Now, I'm overwhelmed. I appreciate all the great comments," he said.
"I've always dressed like this. I've just been wearing things a little tighter that's all."

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