Friday, 3 June 2016

Teenager Killed for Refusing Marriage Proposal

Honor Killing!

A Pakistani teen has died after a group of men set her on fire because of a rejected marriage proposal. Maria Sadaqat had burns on 85% of her body when she was admitted to the hospital in Islamabad on Sunday after a group of men came to her home.
The 19-year-old, who lived outside the Pakistani capital in Dewal, died Wednesday.

She was a teacher at a private school in the village, and her uncle said that her brutal death came after she rejected a proposal to marry the owner of the school’s nephew.

Abdul Basit added that the potential match was a “divorcee twice her age” and said that his niece had resigned from her job because of harassment from the principal, according to The Hindu. Before she died, Sadaqat gave a statement saying that the principal was among the men who tortured her, covered her in gas and burned her alive.

Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission has said almost 1,100 women were killed in “honor killings” last year.

Police say they have made one arrest in the attack on Sadaqat.

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