Sunday, 19 June 2016

Shot Fired! Wizkid Slams Seyi Shay After She Said He Owns Drake's 'One Dance'

Dear Seyi Shay, don't ever go about dishing out informations that you ain't sure of. It might turn against you!

Well, that advice may seem a little bit late because it's obvious you've already gotten yourself beaten. But I hope you would learn for now on to mind your damn business.:-)
In a recent interview on international TV with #OnStage the 'Right Now' crooner claimed that Drake's One Dance hit song was originally Wizkid's.

After the interview went viral, fans expressed doubts over Seyi's claim, and one of them took it upon himself to confirm from Wizkid.

Wizkid not only confirmed that Seyi Shay lied but told her to shut up and don't say what she knows nothing about. Oops! What Wizkid wrote and the interview video after the cut...

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