Sunday, 5 June 2016

Shina Peters Denies Taking A Second Wife...

News went viral this week that popular musician and Afro Juju singer, Sir Shina Peters (SSP) has dumped his wife of many years, Sammie Peters who recently returned from the US where she survived a near-death cancer experience and married a certain Olajumoke Olayinka.
Sammie was also reported to have been feeling bitter and all alone. She is pictured above with Sir Shina Peters.

In a response to Sunday Scoop’s enquiry, SSP's business manager, Femi Davies said the story was not true.

According to him, Shina Peters is a responsible and law-abiding citizen who won’t risk bigamy as he is legally married to only Sammie Peters.
“The story is not true. Shina is not married to any other woman other than Sammie. He is legally married so he cannot have another marriage by law, “he said.
He however refused to comment on whether there is a romantic relationship between SSP and Olajumoke Olayinka.

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