Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Put Some Respeck On My Body - Ebube Nwagbwo Comes For Body Shamers

Nollywood actress, Ebube Nwagbwo is not here for body shamers, who disrespect other people by talking ill about their body.
The fashionista took to Instagram to kick against body shaming writing;

There Is No Wrong Way To Have A Body..Its One's Choice And Decision To Look Whichever Way He Or She Wants To Look,Whether Fat,Slim,Skinny,Flabby,Fit,Healthy,Unhealthy..whichever...Its Ur Body,Ur Choice,Ur Life..And Nothing Gives Anybody The RIGHT to #BodyShame AnyOne..Enough Of It!!!!!!!IIf AnyOne Has A Problem With My *Slim*Skinny*Hipless* Body..That's Ur Problem,Not Mine!!!I Love Me,Just The Way I Am..That's All That Matters!!#PutSomeRespecOnMyBody#SayNoToBodyShaming#

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