Monday, 6 June 2016

I Didn't Steal From Baseline - Skales' Manager, Osagie Tells What Truly Transpired

The truth has now emerged about what transpired last week between Nigerian singer Skales and his label Baseline Records; and how the label arrested and detained the artiste and his manager Osagie Osarenkhoe for almost 36 hours.
In statements issued by Baseline, they alleges that Osagie defrauded the label, for failing to remit funds received on behalf of Skales between March and May 2016.

But Osarenkhoe, in a chat with TheNETng, insists she did no wrong. She said....
‘For the avoidance of all doubts, I didn’t steal from Baseline. There has never been, and will never be any basis to conclude that I have been dubious or fraudulent in my dealings with the label. What we have done is to keep our work and lives going on, following inaction from them. Everything I have done, from allowing him sign with the label to date was always in Skales’ interest at the end of the day not for my personal gains.’
Insiders say in February of this year, following a meeting between Skales team and the Baseline team, it was established that the label confirmed the absence of relevant structures and managerial staff, causing delays and miscommunication.
‘The period of dormancy from the label, following the exit of former executives Howie T and Dipo Abdul, gave them cause to worry, and to decide if to continue waiting or to go on building the Skales brand’, one source told us. 
‘For over one year, they have been recording and releasing music, shooting videos, pushing PR and seeking engagements without any input – material or financial from Baseline or any of its reps. They were however surprised that in May of 2016, the label suddenly became interested again in financials and engagement details.’ 
‘We were initially hesitant to supply any information as we were at the time seeking legal advice on what appropriate actions to take. There is an exit clause in Skales’ contract, which we could have considered, but that was definitely not an option’, Osagie who has signed an undertaking to discontinue working with Skales and other Baseline artistes, says. 
‘I was made to sign an undertaking that I no longer represent Skales and to refund $2,500 part payment received for a recent booking, which has been made. I hope it all passes and we can all move on with our individual lives. I wish Skales nothing but the best’, Osagie concluded.
NET investigations revealed that several meetings were held prior to last week’s incident, to reconcile figures and parties. It was at one of such meetings, on Tuesday May 31, at Parkview Estate in Lagos, that mobile policemen came in and took Osagie Osarenkhoe to Onikan Zone II police station.

The label had established Skales was working and earning, contrary to information from his management. They asked for refunds and a new business system with Osagie out of the picture.

Pundits have criticized Baseline (owned by billionaire Kessington Adebutu’s son Segun) for labelling the artiste and his manager thieves, and for harassing them with arrest, detention and making them to sign undertakings behind bars. Many wept for Skales upon realizing his revenue share is 70:30 in the label’s favour, and that he will need at least N5 billion naira should he seek to exit his contract.

‘This is a civil issue that could have been resolved amicably, with each parties admitting faults and agreeing on a way forward. But instead, Osagie’s image has been maligned, she has been harassed and detained, and has been kept away from her business and family, because of cooked up allegations even the police is yet to investigate’, a rep for Osagie and Skales told TheNETng over the weekend.

But those close to Baseline say the label has already gotten what it wants; Skales humbled and back in their arms, Osagie out of the picture, and a top of mind awareness for a label that had enjoyed zero media mentions in over one year.

‘They’ve engaged new executives and are right now cleaning up their systems. They are likely to announce their next steps any moment from now’, a source told us.

- NetNG reportage!

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