Sunday, 5 June 2016

Brymo's Epic Response to a Student Who Begged Him For Money: ‘Drop Out of School. I did.’

Brymo is not here for internet users who shamelessly badger celebrities for one finicial aid after another.
While some of his colleagues including Davido, Kcee, Don Jazzy among others have in the past helped such internet users, Brymo not only turned down the request to help but gave a voluntary advice to the user who claimed he needed some money to pay his tuition fees.

“Please sir, kindly help me with anything you have. I need to pay for my tuition fee which is 65,000 please shower mercy on me,” the Twitter user wrote.

Rather than showing him mercy by sending him the cash, Brymo adviced him to drop out of school adding that school is not for everyone. "Just drop out and chase your dreams, it's what I did," the Ara crooner added.
His reply sparked a debate about how young Nigerians are quick to hop on celebrities pages, asking for money. While some people applauded the ‘Klitoris’ singer for not playing Father Christmas, others felt he was damn too harsh.

What do you think???

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