Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Awww, OJB Jezreel’s Second Wife Pens Touching Tribute: "You're Alive Everyday In Our Hearts"

Popular Nigerian music producer, OJB Jezreel passed on recently after he suffered a kidney relapse! He survived by three wives and eight child. One of the wives, June Ama has penned a touching tribute to him on Facebook. Read below....
With a grateful heart to GOD...with praises on my lips...and thanks in my heart i thank God for the life of my Husband Babatunde Okungbowa aka OJB JEZREEL 
You sang and said so much about the day you would leave this world,u had no fear of death or pain, all u held onto was your love for God,ur love for your children...its a love that kept you breathing day and night, u never lost your faith in the Lord. you died a believer u died a true i cry tears of joy for you,joy that the pain that made days horrible..the pain that made nights a torture are over. Continue...

LET NO MAN TAKE GOD'S GLORY FOR YOUR LIFE...every day u lived was by the GRACE AND MERCY OF GOD,not by money,not by drugs,not by doctors,as no one could explain how your survived all the attacks and several health issues that came your way.your beautiful story will be told darling,your pure heart and endless love will see us thru losing you my love. 
Thank you my love for giving me the best years i have ever known,3 amazing sons that radiate your love and all u taught them..its been hard hurts baby..we want u back but your sons said ''my daddy is in heaven mummy don't cry'' daddy is no longer in pain so mummy pls don't cry''. i draw strength from knowing you made heaven,your sons kiss me so much and tell me they love me everyday so i will stand strong with a fragile heart 
OJB ur alive everyday in the home we shared in our hearts and WE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS. OUR LOVE CAN NEVER END....go with God

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