Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Actress Ruth Kadiri Blows A Gasket, Rains Curses On Nigeria Leaders After Horrible Ordeal

The ramshackle conditions of our roads and indeed the bad economy of this great country, Nigeria is enough to cheese off everyone. If you think of all the sufferings majority of the populace are faced with because of greedy, self-centered, dubious leaders, you will constantly see red.
The flood caused by an heavy downpour in Lagos state this morning got Ruth Kadiri's goat and she took to Instagram to vent her spleen over bad governance in the country. Raining curses on all politicians who have failed to keep their campaign promises in making Nigeria a better place for all, the actress, producer and script writer wrote;

"I cant contain my hurt, sadness, biterness and disaapointment right now. What exactly is wrong with THIS country?who should be blamed for the lack of orderliness and planning in this country. GOD DIDNT GIVE US CERTAIN WETHERS Yet the only TWO seasons we have we cant plan for it. I set out to go to work this morning. And every road i know that leads to my route is blocked and flooded. No drainage system. Nothing. Proples cars breaking down. Frustration on the faces of people. Tempers of impatient drivers begin to flare. agberos starts to play the role of traffic warden. Some people parking thier cars and deeping thier legs in the SHIT WATER TO GO TO WORK. I HEAR A WOMAN ON THE PHONE LYING TO HER BOSS THAT SHES FIVE MINUTES AWAY, the truth is her car actually broke down and her mechanic is no where in sight. I can see she almost in tears so i offer to help. The sight of me brings a smile on her face My Actresssss she screams. And later she tell me she might loose her job. This hurts me Someone am sure would loose his/her job for getting to the office late. The Gorvernment will not provide the jobs yet they will not put things in place for those who have managed to secure one. TIRED OF WRITING ILL JUST TURN BACK AND GO HOME. GOD WILL PUNISH EVERYSINGLE MAN IN Government that has not kept to their promise of making Nigeria a better country. THIER FAMILIES AND LIVES WILL BE LIKE THE FLOOD; CHAIOS AND SADNESS I JUST SAW ON THE FACES OF PEOPLE. THIER GENERATIONS WILL NEVER KNOW PEACE. AND THERE WILL BE NO GOOD ROAD LEADING TO THIER HAPINESS.

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