Friday, 24 June 2016

Actress, Caroline Danjuma's Hubby's Alleged Mistress Comes For Her On IG: "You're A Glorified Babymama!"

Remember the mystery girl Caroline Danjuma's billionaire hubby, Musa Danjuma was spotted with in Lagos a while back? Her name is Antoinette Audream, a Jamaican-American and she's allegedly one of Musa's numerous mistresses.
Antoinette might have shagged Caroline's serial cheat hubby (she allegely flew in from the State to be with him), she isn't quite finished with Caroline. She took to Instagram to brutally slammed the actress, claiming she's paying bloggers to write dirty stuffs about her. And also accused her of creating an Instagram page just to troll her.

She said among other things that Caroline is not legally married to Musa and threatened to slam her with lawsuit. Continue...

Trouble started when an Instagram user with the handle @WhatzHot called Caroline to check out a newly opened page where they were exposing Musa Danjuma’s alleged mistress, Antoinette, but Caroline responded that Antoinette could “have all of him with a bag of chips on the side”.

That kinda drove Antoinette up the wall. See what she wrote below...

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