Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Actor, Nosa Rex Speaks On Fatherhood For The First Time Since Welcoming Daughter

Nollywood fast rising actor, Nosa Rex has spoken on fatherhood for the first time since he gave birth to his daughter, Eseosa in May 2016.
In a chat with Top Gist Nigeria Blog, the first time dad says being a father has helped him to be more focus and responsible.

The 'heart of a fighter' star actor also talked about his marriage to Deborah Rapheal, how he survived a ghastly car accident days before his daughter was born, his aspirations, new project and more....

How did you feel when you realized you were going to be a father?
It feels great. It feels awesome. Mixed feeling. But I was prepared and ready for it. Trust me the feeling is so great. My dad is a grandpa another wonderful feeling.

What's your biggest fear as a father?
My fear as a father is not to be able to provide for my family or disappoint them. Which can and will never happen because am working really hard and God is on my side.
Has being a father changed anything about you?
Being a father has changed many things. My level of patience increased, I am more responsible. I have been focus but now am more focus and I realize now that someone is looking up to me so I have to always be of good behaviour and watch what I do at every point

What's the best part of being a father?
The best part is when you having a good time with your baby. I spend any free time I get with her because I know the kind of job I do. It gives me great joy seeing her smiling, playing or sucking. Generally, it is a great feeling.

How would you describe yourself as a father?
I am still me with better level of understanding, patience and being more responsible

Were you home when your wife fell into labour? Can you tell us a bit about that day?
Yes I was around, thankfully. You know, that had always been my prayers. I knew her delivery date was fast approaching so I avoided jobs that will take me away. That fateful night we went out to had some drinks and came back. We were about to sleep when she started complaining about pains and I said I couldn't wait till morning before she went to see her doctor, that's how we left for the hospital. It was late like 11:30 or 12 midnight I think. We went to the hospital only to discover it was labour so they called her doctor made all arrangements and she delivered the next morning.

How many more kids do you plan to have?
Two more. We want three kids.
Before your wife gave birth, you were involved in a ghastly car accident with your friends, can you narrate how it all happened?
Oh that accident I can never forget! It's a long story but I will cut it short. April 10th 2016 myself and my friends came back from church and decided to attend an event in Benin City, Edo state. We left Asaba, Delta state on our way to Benin when we got to Agbor the front tyre busted. My friend who was driving stepped on the brake out of shock and the car somersaulted and the next thing I saw was the air bag. It happened so fast we could not even shout Jesus. Next thing everywhere was black and when I opened my eyes, I was under the car with the weight of the car resting on my right leg. It was God who kept us. Thank God for one Good Samaritan who called for help and luckily for us also, some officers of the EFCC were passing. They helped us to the nearest hospital and that's how God saved our lives. I can't explain everything, it's like a movie. But thank God.

Did the accident affect you in any way?
Not really. Outside the fact that I still have pains in my leg. Thank God it was not broken, still have little fear on the road (laughs), nothing really am good and back to work.

How do you separate family from work?
It's not easy. Work will take you everywhere and family will be somewhere. So what I do is, I work but any little chance or break in between another job I must spend it with my family. It's so that they don't miss me too much when I run off again. Also I try to check on them every time, and I also provide their needs which is very important, when that is not meant wahala go dey oh (laughs). So when it's work it's work. When am not working it's family. But it is also easy because where I work most is where I have my family.

How would you describe your marriage so far?
My marriage has been good not by my power but God and that's because I was ready and I married a friend. My nigga. The solution to all the wahala I have (laughs). It's been great, I thank God.

If you can change one thing about your wife what would that be?
I would change the fact that she expect too much from people

Tell us one thing you wished you were told before you got married?
Right now nothing because I asked, I saw (from my friends that were married ) and my father got me prepared.

What personal values shape your life?
Outside God and my parents my wife shaped me. She over try. I will stop there.
What are your aspirations?
I aspire to be great. To be the best in what I do. Better life. Great husband and lovely father so help me God.

What should your fans expect from you in the last quater of 2016?
Greater things ahead. More movies. More laughter. Another side of me coming soon. Working on something, I wouldn't speak much about it until I am ready, but it's something my fans will love. They know am into big things.

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