Monday, 23 May 2016

Why I Slapped Security Guard At Eko Hotel - Comedian Seyi Law

Last weekend at the Kiss Daniels Album Launch concert which went down at Eko Hotels & Suites, Lagos comedian Seyi Law slapped a security guard three times.
According to reports, the security guard claimed to have been trying to direct the comedian to an alternative route to avoid traffic and he jumped out of his car and slapped him.

He was quoted as saying:
"I was only trying to redirect him through an alternative route which my boss instructed us on, to avoid traffic jam as guests drive out. . . To my greatest surprise, Seyi Law just jumped out of his car and began to hurl abusive words at me. While trying to explain to him he just suddenly gave me three dirty slaps. This has never happened to me before, is it because I’m putting on a security uniform? I didn’t expect this kind of attitude from Seyi Law.

Explaining his own side of the story, the comedian took to Instagram to say he slapped the Askari out of shell provocation. Adding that he never meant to loose his chill, he apologized for the unruly behaviour. What he wrote...
I am not writing to defend a mistake I made, but so people would know that I am also prone to faults. However, I will oblige you with my own side of the story. The Kiss Daniel’s Album Launch show ended and I got in my car to drive out like everyone when I got to the security guy who directed me to the other gate which I did. I got to the gate and was asked to go and take the main gate, driving back, I stopped by the security guy and told him, “make una dey follow una selves talk na, you dey direct us go there, another person dey direct us back” and his response was, ” how many people don turn back”, looking away. 
I replied him that even if I was the only person, I no reach to tell you and he said, abeg dey go jor. I was shocked, I said so I not fit follow you talk and he said, dey go. I looked and saw another security not far off and decided to get down from my car to talk with him, unfortunately, as I opened my car, this security guy pushed the door back at me, hitting my leg, I would not know his reason for this, but it got me angry and I slapped him thrice as I got down. 
I know Eko Hotel has CCTV and if there was any around there, they can release the footage(s). I am not justifying my anger and reaction, but please pardon my behaviour. I duly apologise for the action I took. Thanks for reading.

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