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Unbelievable! Lady Takes Friends Out To Celebrate Her Successful Abortion...

...TGNB Abortion Series 10!

Ladies have you ever been pressurized into doing something that you didn't want to? And what is a woman suppose to do when all her man wants is a baby? I would gladly walk away but not with so much at stake....

"Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and takes us where we never hoped to be. But the worst thing that can happen to anyone is to hang on when you shouldn't. Or let yourself be cajoled into doing something you don't want to. Something that you may end up regretting.

I once dated a guy who happened to be the only one among his friends who doesn't have a child. We dated for about two years and besides him constantly putting pressure on me to get pregnant, it was a beautiful, loving, fun-filled relationship.

During the first few months, he was a sweet, sweet being. Caring to a fault. Humble and a real romantic. He was everything I wanted in a man and more. And I ain't going to deny that he made me really happy.

With him I felt somewhat complete. I felt loved. I felt special. I felt truly beautiful. Like a Queen ruling a great Kingdom.

But as the days go by, he began the 'get pregnant and have a baby' talk. At first I thought it was all joke that he didn't mean it. And than I thought it was because he was crazy about me, that was why he wanted me to mother his child. But after he kept going on and on about it it hit me. He wanted a child and he wanted it really bad.

I loved him but I don't see myself getting pregnant and having a baby outside wedlock. Not that there's anything wrong in having a baby outside wedlock.

I tried to make him understand but he wouldn't. What angers me the most is why he wanted to have a child so bad.

How can you want to be a father because all your friends (none is married) are fathers. Some even have more than one child with different women. I don't get it. They don't have any plans of getting married, but they keep reproducing like it some kind of prestige. An achievement of some sort. Besides, I studied most of their babymamas closely and I didn't want to end up like any of them.

And so for the longest of time we always disagreed. Row and sometimes fight over the same issue. And what started as a beautiful relationship gradually grew into a nightmare.

My ex talked me into getting an HND form with the promise to assist me financially. But after I got the admission he told me he didn't have any money that I would have to forget it. I was furious because I knew he had the money and perplexed because I didn't understand why he doesn't want to help.

When I comforted him, he told me point blank that he made me took the form because he thought I would agree to have his baby but since I refused he doesn't have any money to waste.

But why don't him want to get married first before having babies? I asked him and he said none of his friends were married and he doesn't want to be the first. All he wanted was a baby like his friends.

I talked to lots of people about it and as expected, some advised him against it while some told me not to let the 'golden opportunity' passed me by. Some of my friends even wished they were in my shoes.

But I have a mind of my own. Besides, at a point, I was almost certain he never truly loved me. All he wanted was a baby and he doesn't mind playing Mr nice guy to get it. I feared the worst if I ever have his baby. So what I did was play along.

I told him I would have his baby and freely had unprotected sex with him. But I always secretly took piss afterwards. But this didn't last long. Somehow I think he suspended I was taking piss (he never told me). So what he did was he made sure I never left his sight after sex. He always had me where he could see me at least three days after we sex. And before I knew it, I was pregnant.

My ex was happy! The moment we confirmed I was pregnant, the first thing he did was to call all his friends and brag to them that he finally did it. He would soon be in the same league with them. He even told one who have three kids that as soon as I birthed the first, he would get me pregnant again.

That was all he needed to say to make me the trending topic. You wouldn't believe I got calls from all his friends and their babymamas, congratulating me and welcoming me to the league, and I was barely three weeks gone.

Honestly I tried to be happy but the more I tried the more unhappy I became. And after two months I knew I can't go through with it. I would die before I even get to push the baby out.

And after I overheard him telling one of his friends that he choose me to have his baby because I was very pretty and sexy, I knew having a baby with him would be a big mistake, one I will end up regretting. And I hate to regret anything.

I had a quite D&C at exactly nine weeks. I went home feeling severe pain but I was happy - truly happy! And after I got hold of myself, I had to invite my friends over, we went out to have fun and be merry. The thing is, my ex wanted us to have a kinda-of-get-together with friends to celebrate getting pregnant, but I kicked against it because it sounded ridiculous. So after I had the D&C I told him I was ready for the get-together but I want it to be just me and my friends. I told him we could have a general one after the baby was born and he fell for it. He provided the money with which I took my friends out.

By the time he learnt that the pregnancy had been terminated and that we can never be patents of a child, I was already in school with school fees paid. House rate paid. Textbooks bought and enough money to last an academic session in the bank.

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