Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Student Dies After Jilted Boyfriend Sets Her 'Face On Fire' In Horror Attack - Photos

A university student has died after being burned to death by her jilted lover, according to Italian authorities.
Sara Di Pietrantonio, 22, was attacked on Sunday by 27-year-old ex boyfriend Vincenzo Paduano, local reporters were told.

Her alleged attacker reportedly first set fire to her vehicle, before she managed to escape and started to run for her life.
Paduano then chased her down the street and set her alight when he caught her, authorities said.Police claim her attacker doused her in alcohol before taking a cigarette lighter to her face.

Lead police official in the investigation Luigi Silipo, said, "I can say that in 25 years in this work I have never seen something to atrocious."

Paduano was held on suspicion of premeditated murder, according to prosecutor Maria Monteleone.

Authorities claimed the suspect confessed to the crime after eight hours of questioning.
Mr Silipo added, "He couldn't accept the fact he was left by her when she ended the relationship."

Police said security guard Paduano followed his victim as she drove her car through Rome.He then forced her to pull over before carrying out the attack.CCTV in the area captured imaged of cars passing by as the victim screamed for help.

Daily Mirror

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