Monday, 30 May 2016

Rita Edochie Replies Fans Scathing Comments Over Her 'Horrible' Makeup

Black is beautiful but not when you use too much black eyeliner and eyepencil.
Veteran Nollywood actress, Rita Edochie got more than a trailer load of boorish comments after she posted a video of herself wearing a very 'dramatic' makeup Sunday. While some of her fans think its not bad, others advised her to get a new makeup artist. Some think as a rolemodel, Rita is not allowed to commit such an 'abomination'. See comments and her reply below....
To reply to fans backlash, Rita shared several photos of herself through the years and made it clear that's how she always wear her makeups
It has not CHANGED . It has never been done by anyone bcos i LIKE it like dat. Make f PEOPLE weh dey look 4 trouble no dey fine trouble 4 where trouble no dey. Dont start a fight U can not FINISH. 
D MAKEUP didn't start 2 DAY even at d age of 22year dat i had my WEDDING it was like dat n dis PRECIOUS MAN COMRADE TONY EDOCHIE got MARRIED 2 ME bcos of my BEAUTY n d MAKEUP ENHANCEMENT. 
My make-up is never TATOO n can never b TATOO yet d LINES remaineth same 4 over FOURTH something YEARS. When U know UR FACE then U know how take care of it. 
Hope d PEOPLE fighting over my MAKE ARE still THERE. I do my MAKEUP EVERY DAY MY SELF not TATOOOOO yet it remaineth SAME 4 OVER FOURTY something YEARS n i can NEVER STOP bcos i know its nice on ME.

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