Monday, 16 May 2016

Meet The Madam Of The House! Anna Ebiere Takes Over Flavour's Home | Photos

Despite being the rumoured wife, it appears Flavour's first babymama, Sandra Okagbue has lost the battle-to-win-his-heart to her co-babymama, Anna Ebiere.

Recalled that Flavour recently threw a lavish birthday party for his daddy and Sandra was no where to be found. Whilst Anna was all over the place, mingling with his family and playing the perfect 'daughter-in-law' to be.

Its feels really good to be winning!

After beating his first babymama to win his heart, Anna has every reason to be happy.

The 20-year-old was all over Instagram on Sunday celebrating her win as she shared photos of her happy self in her man's house.
"When your DADDY is the Almighty, beginning and the end, rock of ages, King of kings, I am that I am, King of glory, mighty man in battle, great and mighty, King of the world!!!! Why won't I be HAPPY? I have every reason to be happy!!! And so do you! Have a blessed day!," she wrote. 
Meanwhile, there are also unconfirmed reports that the ex-beauty Queen has moved in with the singer. Or at least she's frequenting his house too often these days that one wouldn't be blamed for assuming she now lives there.
Well, what can we say? Everyone deserves to be happy! And from TGNB, we wish Anna, Sandra and Flavour all the best...:-)

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