Friday, 6 May 2016

Kanye West Gets Slap Down By His Former Bodyguard Whom He Fired For 'Chatting Up' Kim

The bodyguard who was fired by Kanye West on the night of the MET Gala for 'chatting up' Kim Kardashian, has spoken out about the incident and slammed the rapper as "the most self-absorbed person" he's ever met.
Bodyguard Steve Stanulis was reportedly sacked on the spot after Kanye spotted him 'chatting up' his wife ahead of Monday night's Met Gala.

But the 42-year-old who has previously protected the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio – denied flirting with the reality star, saying: "Kanye needs to chill the fck out".

According to the father-of-three, he was sacked minutes after Kanye saw him approach Kim at the door of their Presidential suite on the 36th floor of New York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Speaking to the DailyMail, Steve explained that he was supposed to be driving the couple to the glitzy bash that night and headed upstairs to their suite to ask about a change of plan.

On the way up, he claims he saw the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star in the doorway and decided to ask her.

Unfortunately for him, Kanye supposedly caught him in the act and glared at him. Just a few minutes later, Steve said he received a call from a senior staffer who effectively fired him on the spot.
"I had no intention on hitting on Kim Kardashian. I am happily married. I got enough problems in the world and three young kids, so that was not my intent. She's a very beautiful girl, very attractive. But obviously it was just to see if they were going to get to the Met Gala at a particular time. I'd like to think this was all a misunderstanding. But if this was the reason, to be where he is and to be that insecure, it is mind boggling to me."
He said Kanye had an air of self importance when dealing with people who worked for him and could hardly be bothered to exchange more than a few words with his security detail.

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